Check out what we've brewed in the past.

Cryo Simco IPA

Van Full Of Weirdo’s

5.8% alc./vol. — 65 ibu

Van Full Of Weirdos, our brand new single hop cryo simcoe IPA. This hop forward, earthy ale is surprisingly smooth with a huge citrus punch.

Grapefruit Seltzer

Brunch Vibes

5%% alc./vol. — 0 ibu

This zero sugar drink, has a pleasant splash of grapefruit that's accompanied by all the fizz you love from a seltzer.


A Walleye Is A Pickerel

4.3% alc./vol. — 20 ibu

This lager was named by our Mug Club contest winner. We don’t know what it means, and that’s okay.

Chai Stout aged in Rum Barrels

Shirtless at the Chinese Buffet

6.3% alc./vol. — 33 ibu

This beer started it's life as Cincinnati Left - our Chai Stout. Barrel aging the chai stout in Rum Barrels allows the delicate chai spices to meld with the sweetness of the Rum. The roasty malt backbone of the stout slowly took on some sherry notes, as the beer was allowed to oxidize in the barrels over time.

Session Ale

Sarnia Light

4.2% alc./vol. — 20 ibu

A bright, incredibly easy drinking ale that uses the unique Kveik yeast strain to produce an easy drinking yet full flavoured ale. A simple malt bill, along with some oats, gives this beer a soft and elegant mouthfeel. A slight dry hop finishes off this beer and gives way to a bright and sessionable beer.


Plant Life

6.5% alc./vol. — 30 ibu

A shout out to our friends, family, and customers who work in the valley. This classic stout uses Maris Otter as the base malt, along with some roasted barley and cherrywood smoked malt to obtain some rich flavour notes. A dark as night center of the beer gives way to some reddish/brown hues along the edges. Molasses was also used in the boil to give this beer a bump in ABV, while maintaining its smooth, creamy finish.

Potato Pale Ale

Bridge Fries

5% alc./vol. — 20 ibu

Brewed with 125 pounds of hand cut french fries, this golden concoction is an ode to one of Sarnia’s favourite pastimes. The fry addition provides some fermentable sugars, and helps create a light bodied, crisp, and dry finish. Specialty malts such as victory and vienna give this beer its golden hue. As they say, when you can’t eat bridge fries, drink them.

Coffee Blond


5.3% alc./vol. — 20 ibu

This lightly coloured blonde base features a sweet and nutty malt profile - its the perfect beer-to-coffee balance. A heavy lactose addition adds to this sweetness and gives this beer a silky smooth mouthfeel. After fermentation this beer was steeped on a blend of El Salvadorian coffee beans (from Sarnia’s Ground Up Roastery) for 48 hours. It’s an upscale ode to our high-walled highway.

Sour Red Ale

Shirtless At Your Mother-In-Law’s Retirement Party

5%% alc./vol. — 20 ibu

This beer started as a normal red ale, but just like your Mother In Law it dialed up the funk later in it's life. It spent 6 months in a bourbon barrel and had a secondary pitch of a Brettanomyces blend to give it it's sour notes. Pouring a dark ruby red, the aromatics of this beer pop from the glass. Ripe Strawberry, pear and apple give way to an underlying funk. This sour ale finishes dry, with a fruity aftertaste that coats the mouth and pleasantly lingers on.

Strawberry Peach Sour

When Christina Met Davis

4.3%% alc./vol. — 25 ibu

When Christina Met Davis, a shout out to our favourite downtown intersection, is our newest seasonal release. This 4.3% Strawberry Peach Sour is pleasantly tart, bright, and features the perfect marriage of peach and strawberry.

American Saison

So Many Aardvarks

5%% alc./vol. — 30 ibu

This highly attenuated and dry beer maintains the yeast complexity saisons are known for, but pairs them with a nice bitterness and aroma achieved by using centennial hops in the boil and dry hop. The light straw colour holds up to a crisp white head. Slightly higher carbonation increases the refreshing quality this saison already has being on the lower end of the ABV scale (5%).

Kettle- Soured NEIPA

Leather & Lasers

6.6%% alc./vol. — 35 ibu

Leather and Lasers, our new 6.6% Kettle Soured New England IPA, is now available. This hazy, complex beast combines the tartness of a kettle sour with the juiciness of an East Coast IPA.

Pumpkin Sour

Polly Pumpkin

5%% alc./vol. — 18 ibu

This bright, pleasantly tart ale was soured with lactobacillus and infused with pumpkin pie spices. Biscuit, caramel, and amber malts provide the unique colour and flavour backbone of this autumn treat. It's a shout out to one of our favourite Michigan breweries, Jolly Pumpkin, who makes some of the best sours on the planet. It's also a shout out to our 3rd favourite type of gourd, the pumpkin (just behind Snake Gourd and Hercules War Club.)

Ginger & Turmeric Sour

Vicky’s Duotang

4.5`% alc./vol. — 25 ibu

Finally, a kettle sour for all your home remedy needs. And if it helps you sleep at night, we can confirm that Vicky folds her metal duotang prongs in opposite directions.



5.7% alc./vol. — 25 ibu

A sessionable saison evoking the thirst-quenching farmhouse ales of old. As a bonus, it has the magical ability to halt the tantrums of nonsensical manchildren.

India Session Ale

Horizontal Tower

4.3% alc./vol. — 30 ibu

Brewed with Norwegian Hornindal Kveik yeast. For best results, serve vertical.

Orange Sour Saison

Internet John and the Vague Instructions

4.5% alc./vol. — 25 ibu

We brewed this with cherries and orange zest. For further details, log onto the World Wide Web and snoop around.

Amaretto Porter

I’ll Have What Fran’s Having

5.6% alc./vol. — 25 ibu

This delicious complex Porter was brewed using almonds, peach, cinnamon, and vanilla. Follow Fran’s lead, she does Tai Chi.

Imperial Pilsner


7.5% alc./vol. — 30 ibu

Snakes, is an Imperial Pilsner brewed to mimic a gin and tonic. True story. This pale, golden beauty is infused with juniper berries and lime zest, creating a unique yet balanced flavour. Come on in and odred a glass of snakes.



5.5% alc./vol. — 70 ibu

This single-malt and single-hop (SMaSH) ale is brewed using only Maris Otter malt and Comet hops. It is a crisp, juicy, and super sessionable pale ale. Sure to make your Christian uncle shout “Wowsers!” upon his first sip.

Peach Mint Kettle Sour

Waffle Thoughts

4.7% alc./vol. — 10 ibu

Let us introduce “Waffle Thoughts” a Kettle Sour brewed with peach and mint that is charmed to make your acquaintance. This golden, hazy wonder is impeccably tart and bursting with thought-provoking flavour.


Lager 4

4.5% alc./vol. — 10 ibu

Help us make Ontario's best lager! We're testing out different batches of lager and we need your help deciding which one is the best.


Lager 3

4.5% alc./vol. — 10 ibu

Help us make Ontario's best lager! We're testing out different batches of lager and we need your help deciding which one is the best.


Lager 2

4.5% alc./vol. — 10 ibu

Help us make Ontario's best lager! We're testing out different batches of lager and we need your help deciding which one is the best.


Lager 1

4.5% alc./vol. — 10 ibu

Help us make Ontario's best lager! We're testing out different batches of lager and we need your help deciding which one is the best.

Tart Cherry Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrels

Shirtless in Seat 34B

5% alc./vol. — 20 ibu

Shirtless In Seat 34B is a harmonious marriage of tangy cherries, roasted malts, and chocolate, blended together to create a complex and balanced finish. Aged in Heaven Hill barrels for 4 months, this shameless Cherry Stout tastes especially good in seats 34A and C.

Spruce Beer

He’s a Stud (In The Bird Watching Community)

4% alc./vol. — 15 ibu

An age old brew, whose recipe has been guarded and passed on through generations of bird watchers. Flavored with the buds, needles and earthy essence of spruce trees. It has to be tasted, to be understood.

Double IPA (Hopbomb)

Get Up And Goth

7.2% alc./vol. — 95 ibu

This big, citrusy, floral, bitter hopbomb will punch you right in the face. Do not punch back - that's what it wants.

Saison Aged in Cabernet Sauvignon Barrels

Shirtless at the Smith Family Reunion

6.5% alc./vol. — 27 ibu

Shirtless At The Smith Family Reunion is a dry, tart, peppery Saison aged in classy and refined Cab Sav barrels for 4 months. Uncle Ron hates this beer, so you will probably like it.

Cherry Cream Ale Aged in Baco Noir Barrels

Shirtless At The Chalet (Swiss)

5.5% alc./vol. — 18 ibu

Meet Sanda Temple, Shirley’s older sister. A barrel aged version of our cherry fruit-infused cream ale aged in Baco Noir Barrels for 6 months. With bold aromatics of cherry and subtle smoke, this ale possesses rich flavours of cherry and mixed berries with hints of doughy biscuits. It’s clean-tasting, light-bodied and aggressively refreshing.

Imperial Pumpkin Ale Aged in Bourbon Barrels

Shirtless At The Pet Cemetery

8% alc./vol. — 20 ibu

Shirtless at the Pet Cemetery is an Imperial ale with sweet caramel malt aromas and flavours, complemented by the charred caramelized walls of the Heaven Hill Distillery bourbon barrels. It's spiced with a blend of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves, leaving a delectable sweet pumpkin pie finish. As for the shirtless at the pet cemetery incident, that is too raw to go into right now. So just drink the ale.

Munich Helles

Cylinders of Doom

5% alc./vol. — 28 ibu

A crisp, flavourful, and refreshingly uncomplicated lager with a mild spicy hop bitterness. Pairs well with Armageddon. (The film, and the actual end of the world).

New England IPA

Rip. Zip. Skip.

6.5% alc./vol. — 35 ibu

A real juicy little number. You'll find a hop aroma of floral, tropical fruit and citrus-orange with a hint of a toasty and honey-like malt presence. Also, the name of this beer rhymes.

Craft Lager

Cool Handshake

4.5% alc./vol. — 20 ibu

This 4.5% all-day lager is bright, crisp and refreshing. Bring it to the party and you will instantly vault over Craig on the coolness scale.


Did He Just Yell Tugboats?

5% alc./vol. — 12 ibu

A moderately dark, spicy, fruity, malty, and refreshing wheat ale. It mysteriously makes you want to shout about different types of boats, and that's a good thing.

Golden Rye Ale

Is There Wifi At This Funeral?

4.4% alc./vol. — 15 ibu

The perfect blend of rye and hops create a crowd pleasing ale with a slightly dry and spicy character. And forget about the Wifi, Aunt Teresa is hogging the bandwith downloading buntcake recipes.

Blackberry Berliner Weisse

Songs to Corn Detassel

3.5% alc./vol. — 9 ibu

This refreshing low-alcohol German wheat beer, comes in at a nimble 3.5%. It is slightly sour and sweet, and pours a hazy purple thanks to the infusion of sweet tasty blackberries. If you have ever detasseled while listening to Len sing songs from the old country, you'll get it.

Hibiscus & Rosehip Blonde Ale

The Ugliest Parent

7.5% alc./vol. — 25 ibu

This easy drinking, approachable blonde ale is infused with tangy and tart Rosehip, and lemony-tart, berry-rich Hibiscus. The Ugliest Parent has a well-balanced and clean finish, with beautiful pinkish hues. So beautiful that you'll give up trying to decide if you are, in fact, the ugliest parent.

Boysenberry Saison


5.5% alc./vol. — 20 ibu

“What about them Yankees, amirite?” Even the vaguest of sports references can rescue the driest of conversations. Our new Boysenberry (cross among the raspberry, blackberry, dewberry, and loganberry) Saison , is a refreshing, moderately spicy Belgian ale featuring notes of tangerine and honey. If the sports reference doesn't work, talk about the berries.

Strawberry Rhubarb Wheat

Shed Problems

5% alc./vol. — 19 ibu

noun: shed; plural noun: sheds
1. A place where people go to do pretend projects in order to avoid human interaction.
2. A refreshing wheat beer with malty sweetness and grainy wheat flavours. Moderate citrus and floral hop flavours and aromas are brought forward with the addition of strawberries and rhubarb. It’s easy drinking, sweet, and has a ‘fluffy’ finish.

Pineapple IPA

We Danced For The Pizza Guy

6% alc./vol. — 65 ibu

It's a flavourful, juicy IPA infused with pineapple. So good we danced for the the Pizza guy. His name is Philip and he was visibly moved.

Mango Peach Belgian Wheat

Scooter City Blues

5% alc./vol. — 19 ibu

A cloudy Belgian style wheat beer served with slightly higher carbonation, resulting in a crisp, refreshing finish. The mango and peach additions create a well balanced tropical sweetness. Guaranteed to chase away those Scooter City blues (we have no idea what that means).

Blueberry Cobbler Pale Ale

Granola Fantasies

4.5% alc./vol. — 25 ibu

This smooth summer ale showcases notes of honey and caramel alongside the fruitiness from the blueberry additions. A perfect blend of malts create biscuit and bready flavours reminiscent of Aunt Sheila's 1998 Blueberry Cobbler that took home 2nd prize at the Watford Fall Fair.

Plum Porter

That’s a Controversial Quilt

5.5% alc./vol. — 25 ibu

We can’t show you the images of said quilt. They are too controversial. Like a beer made with plums. But that’s a controversy we are willing to storm. This rich, creamy beauty has a moderately sweet, bready malt flavour and features notes of chocolate, coffee, and sweet dark fruit from the addition of controversial plums.

Black Currant White Chocolate Stout

Ken is Good at Chanting

5.2% alc./vol. — 30 ibu

Ken will turn even the most basic of instructions into a chant. Ask him to make you a coffee, see what happens. He is also fond of beer, dark, sweet, full-bodied Gregorian stout to be exact. A stout with refrains of roasted grain aroma, coffee and white chocolate notes and a sweet chorus of black currants, vanilla bean, cacao and cinnamon.

Peach Wheat Ale

Why Does Your Dog Wear a Bra?

5% alc./vol. — 28 ibu

Bra wearing dogs raise many questions. But maybe it's best just to accept it. Don't question it, don't google it, just allow yourself to be impregnated with wonder. We advise a similar approach to this crisp refreshing wheat ale. Infused with a subtle peach flavour, it has a little hop bitterness with grainy wheat malt sweetness. Don't ask questions. Just let it happen.


What’s Your Christian Mingle Username?

5.5% alc./vol. — 65 ibu

@TheREALNebuchnezzar? @Goliath63? @Loaves_Fishes? A hearty dose of Citra hops leads to strong but balanced peach and tangerine flavours. At 65 IBU, this juicy tropical fluorescent-orange IPA is an ale of the thirsty masses.

Pale Ale

Gorgeous Giant Gets His Way

5%% alc./vol. — 50 ibu

This SMaSH (Single Malt and Single Hop) style beer has sweet yet robust malt flavours which act as a great backbone for the medley of berry aromas and tropical tasting notes that the hop addition provides.

Lagered Ale

Dean’s Not Immune

5.7% alc./vol. — 38 ibu

This crisp, golden Lagered Ale is the perfect combination of flavour and drinkibility. Notes of biscuit and straw will greet you, followed by a clean, dry, and refreshing finish. And if you see Dean, just remind him he is still not immune. He will understand. Note: You will have to wrestle him after this conversation.


Face for a Neck Tattoo

5.2%% alc./vol. — 27 ibu

Face For A Neck Tattoo, is a well rounded 5.2% Saison brewed with Szechuan peppercorns. This subtly spicy, earthy, and herbal ale would bring tattoo'd tears of joy to even the toughest of west coast rappers.

Extra Special Bitter

Proximity Party

4.9%% alc./vol. — 17 ibu

Proximity Party is good honest pint of Bitter. Brewed with locally-sourced malted barley, it is brick-red in colour and boasts a thick creamy head. Be prepared for the Jack the Lad maltiness to give way for a mild, leafy bitter finish. Think of a guy called Gary, playing darts in England who drives a white Transit van. This is the pint he would drink.

Chai Stout

Cincinnati Left

6.3% alc./vol. — 33 ibu

Left turns are for the wild. Left turns are for the misfits and weirdos. This left turn is what happens when a Masala chai does some yoga. It’s a creme stout, dark in colour, bold in flavour and weighty on the palate. It’s one dirty downward left-facing dog.

Fruity Hefeweizen

Second Cousin

5% alc./vol. — 10 ibu

The berry editions of our crisp, tart, and refreshing fruit Hefeweizen are back. Best enjoyed in a hammock. Preferably with Kenny G in the hammock with you, laying down some sweet soothing sax. Sporadically available in: Apricot, Blackberry, Cherry and Strawberry.

Spiced Wheat

Hardwood under the Carpet

4.6% alc./vol. — 15 ibu

Spring is here. Celebrate by welcoming your taste buds out of hibernation. You'll enjoy 13 different spices carried by a Belgian Wit style ale with a gentle yeast. The softness of this approachable beer quickly gives way to a plethora of beautiful flavours. This is one of our most intensely spiced beers to date. If you can name all the spices you get to brew our next beer!


Semi-Casual Fiasco

6.1% alc./vol. — 70 ibu

This IPA delivers a bright, clean, citrusy flavour to coat your palate with low haze to the eye and a refreshing finish. Look for a complex blend of five hops to bring out the citrusy notes. We'll give you a hint - one is Centennial.

Spiced Stout

Don’t Mention The Chair

6.6% alc./vol. — 31 ibu

Don't Mention The Chair, is a 6.6% sweet stout brewed using 6 masala chai spices (cardamom, coriander, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, and ginger). It's roasty, creamy, and spicy all at the same time, and has a more than pleasant finish. Best enjoyed standing, kneeling, or lying down.

Black Ale

A Battery Of Barracudas

5.7% alc./vol. — 30 ibu

Just like the ferocious fish, this Black Ale looks a little funny and has a fearsome bite. The sweet and piny Simcoe hops give this beer a nice forward bite, but before you can say "Battery!" you will get a roasty, malty finish, which is why this beer has a surprisingly pitch black colour. At 5.7% this delicious winter ale is just the kind of beer to surprise attack your February blues.

Belgian Dark Strong Ale

Let’s Wear Balaclavas

10% alc./vol. — 26 ibu

Let's Wear Balaclavas is a 10% Belgian Dark Strong Ale. It is complex, rich, and smooth with pepper and dark fruit notes. Banana and clove stand out. Much like skiing and robbing banks, this beer is dangerous and should only be experienced in a proper ski mask.

Mint Chocolate Stout

It’s Flute Season

6.8% alc./vol. — 7 ibu

Every Christmas dinner isn't complete without dessert. Our mint chocolate stout is a perfect after dinner delight. Grab one for Grandma Jane and Uncle Buck to, you can never have too many.

British Golden Ale

Quiet Down, I’m Doing Cartography

5% alc./vol. — 32 ibu

Quiet Down, I'm Doing Cartography, a 5% British Golden Ale, is a shout-out to the renegade map makers of the world who refuse to trust Google's accuracy. This refreshing and flavourful pale ale is brewed with British malts and yeast, and mosaic hops that give it hints of tangerine and papaya.

English Barleywine

Say NO! To Rugs

11.9% alc./vol. — 61 ibu

Introducing Say No! To Rugs, an 11.9% English Barleywine that is intense and complex in the best sort of way. Pleasant fruit and toffee notes make this beast the perfect cold weather sipper, and as a bonus it's great for aging. Just don't drink this beer while on rugs, bad things will happen...

Orange Sour

Citrus Cringe

6.5% alc./vol. — 15 ibu

Citrus Cringe is an Orange Sour made with tons of fresh Naval oranges. Not only is it delicious, but the extra Vitamin C means your scurvy worries are over.

Cucumber Lime Pilsner

Let’s Play Jenga Before We Break Up

5% alc./vol. — 40 ibu

Let's Play Jenga Before We Break Up is a light Pilsner brewed with over 100 cucumbers and 50 zesty limes. It's a refreshing summer beer, primed and ready to welcome the warm weather. SUNS OUT, GUNS OUT!

Coconut Brown

Tiny Umbrella

5% alc./vol. — 25 ibu

Tiny Umbrella is a Coconut Brown Ale with hints of toffee, caramel and real toasted coconut. It looks great in the grocery cart next to all those superfoods that you are going to pretend you like.

Cream Ale

Blackberry Troll

5% alc./vol. — 18 ibu

Our original Troll Toll with a splash of Blackberry.


My Cousin Knows The Drummer

5% alc./vol. — 10 ibu

My Cousin Knows The Drummer is a 5% Hefeweizen, a German wheat beer brewed in its traditional unfiltered form. This cloudy, golden beauty is dry and tart, with notes of banana and bubblegum. Best enjoyed with that one buddy who, for some reason, likes to name drop people that her cousin knows.


Zeus Juice

5% alc./vol. — 40 ibu

A Sarnia Greekfest Pilsner.

Berliner Weisse


3% alc./vol. — 5 ibu

This is a German style beer from, you guessed it, Berlin. It's sour/tart, light, and really drinkable at only 3%. Great for summer! One thing that German's do is mix in flavoured syrups to create a nice balance between sweetness and tartness. Apparently, if you try to order it without syrup in Germany people think you're weird. Raspberry and Woodruff are the two syrups that are typically used, but we have a couple others to try out as well.

Cherry Heff

Captain Velour

5% alc./vol. — 10 ibu

Captain Velour is our new Cherry Hefeweizen. This perfect summer wheat ale is so good, a beer bug drowning in a glass on our patio was quoted as saying 'Best. Death. Ever.'

Sour Ale

This Beer’s Gone Bad

4.5%% alc./vol. — 5 ibu

A young Brett-fermented American Wild Ale influenced by Canadians, 'This Beer’s Gone Bad' has sour notes, combined with the fresh wheat beer taste that is perfect for early patio season.


Another Pinecone Fight?

9%% alc./vol. — 20 ibu

Another Pinecone Fight?, is a strong, rich and malty Dopplebock. Originally brewed centuries ago in Munich by a group of lazy monks who would take long breaks to frolic and we can only assume, throw pinecones at each other.

Blood Orange Wheat Ale

Tiny Pony Withdrawal

5% alc./vol. — 10 ibu

There is nothing quite like having a hefeweizen greet your palate with citrus blood orange and chewy wheat ale. Saddle up and trot your way to the brewery before it's gone....and you go into pony withdrawal.

Pale Ale

Do It For Sarnia

5% alc./vol. — 20 ibu

A very approachable 5% Pale Ale. The proceeds from the sale of this beer support Mental Health at Bluewater Health.

Irish Red

Red Ryans Dead

5% alc./vol. — 20 ibu

Red Ryans Dead is a slightly sweet, easy drinking 5% Irish Red Ale with a dry toffee finish. Named after the notorious criminal Red Ryan, who was shot dead in a downtown Sarnia liquor store in 1936. This beer has a way of making you feel bad-ass.. until you look in the mirror and realize you are, in fact, not bad-ass at all (which is okay!).

American Wheat

She Throws Things

5%% alc./vol. — 15 ibu

Similar to our old favourite Centennial's Fence with some hop editions to provide a nice citrus finish.
A moderate wheat flavour that lingers to the finish and a nice malty sweetness make this a great start-of-Spring beer.
She Throws Things is an American Wheat that you shouldn't be tossing around.


Mid-Life Spices

13% alc./vol. — 0 ibu

This traditional extra-strong English brew suffers from a bit of a split personality: part honey mead, part barley ale. With the addition of a boatload of spices with strange names like Grains of Paradise, Cardamom, and Long Pepper. A bottle of this one is known to cure the symptoms of any mid-life crisis; including impulse Mazda purchases and impromptu trips to Vegas "just because."

Munich Helles


5% alc./vol. — 18 ibu

A classic German golden lager...crisp, clean, and dry.

Refined Fool supports the revitalization of Sarnia's downtown, and we believe SCITS is a vital part of this. Proceeds from the sale of this beer will be donated to charitable organizations that strive to make downtown, and our great city, a better place to live.

Vienna Lager

The Glistenator

5.0% alc./vol. — 25 ibu

Sporting a malty front and slightly bitter, hoppy finish, this sessionable amber lager is sure to be a huge hit at your next baby oil wrestling party. Get to glistenin'!

Belgian Blonde

Denim Denim Denim

8.3% alc./vol. — 20 ibu

Feel the friction in your mom jeans with this strong Belgian Blonde! Look for notes of fruity banana and spicy clove from the Belgian yeast used in this extra-strong brew.

English Mild

Carp and Tunnel Syndrome

3.4% alc./vol. — 12 ibu

Unleash your mild side with this light brown ale's malty body and low hop profile. Light carbonation and low alcohol content make this a brew you can spend some real quality time with.

Chocolate Porter


6.5% alc./vol. — 25 ibu

This session-strength porter flaunts a medium-full body, with great chocolate maltiness and a rich mouthfeel. If Eeyore drank beer, it would probably be this one.

Apricot Habanero

Mexican Romance

7% alc./vol. — 70 ibu

A classic American IPA with a twist! Malty and citrusy, the hop bite of this sassy ale is rounded out by the spice and flavour of habaneros and juicy apricot. Complex like a telenovela.

Double IPA

Then Bernice Flipped the Canasta Table

8.2% alc./vol. — 70 ibu

Settle in for a glass of this well-rounded East Coast DIPA. Featuring a variety of flavorful, fruity hops, this beer will surprise you with every cloudy sip.

Raspberry Wheat Ale

Pinky Brewster

5.5% alc./vol. — 25 ibu

This hazy pink concoction balances raspberry tartness with a smooth dose of wheatiness to make a refreshing and delightfully drinkable beer. Best enjoyed with a bag of chips while rewatching 80’s sitcoms in your parent’s basement.

Breakfast Stout

Terry’s Obnoxious Windbreaker

7% alc./vol. — 25 ibu

Refined Fool and our friends at Ground Up Roastery, Sarnia's artisian coffee roasting company, have conceived what can only be described as a magical coffee/beer love child. It’s a stout fortified with coffee, chocolate, oatmeal and passion.

Double IPA

That’s When Ted Fought the Mailman

8.0% alc./vol. — 100 ibu

Boasting with huge hop aroma and flavour, this malty, hazy dry-hopped Double IPA packs enough punch to knock your socks (or stamps) off.

Saison d'Hiver

Apres Jambon

9.7% alc./vol. — 20 ibu

Saison D'hiver (winter saison) brewed with cinnamon and vanilla. Moderately-bitter with fruity, spicy, and hoppy characteristics.

Blueberry Milk Stout

Gnome Junkie

5.2% alc./vol. — 27 ibu

Dark and rich, this milk stout is accented with the aroma and flavour of fresh, juicy blueberries. Roasted grains provide complimenting cocoa notes, and the addition of lactose creates a sweeter, creamy finish.

Christmas Spiced Ale


7.4% alc./vol. — 40 ibu

A strong, bold amber, this spiced ale boasts a big body, and finishes with hints of cinnamon, ginger, and fresh local honey.

Ripsnorter label
Bourbon Porter


8.7% alc./vol. — 37 ibu

Ripsnorter is a truly complex beast. You’ll taste hints of roasted malts, caramel, coffee, dried fruit, and chocolate. The addition of fresh vanilla beans and bourbon barrel oak staves round out the intense flavour. Rich, full-bodied and dark, this is a bruiser of a Porter.

Pale Ale


5% alc./vol. — 18 ibu

We couldn't be more thrilled to sponsor South Western International Film Festival. This easy drinking pub-style beverage is smooth and calming - the kind of beer that pairs well with all-nighter marathons.

Pale Ale

Do It Like Dali

5% alc./vol. — 20 ibu

In honour of Dali's arrival to our beloved downtown and Movember, we released this pale ale that displays floral and subtle spice notes and imparts distinct tropical flavours.


Serenity Now!

6% alc./vol. — 45 ibu

A moderately-strong English ale where the balance between malt and hops along with perfect drinkability makes this Extra Special Bitter a beverage that will bring serenity but unfortunately not help with your blood pressure.


Yes Dear Beer

6% alc./vol. — 20 ibu

In honour of our brewmaster tying the knot we released the Drunk In Love 4-pack, featuring four brand new seasonals that are sold together. Strong malt aroma, with moderate amounts of rich toasty overtones.

Saskatoonberry Blonde

Groom’s Last Blonde

5% alc./vol. — 20 ibu

In honour of our brewmaster tying the knot we released the Drunk In Love 4-pack, featuring four brand new seasonals that are sold together. Featuring Saskatoonberries, which are the best berries according to our brewmaster who happens to be from Saskatoon.

Spiced Stout

Back Out Stout

6% alc./vol. — 30 ibu

In honour of our brewmaster tying the knot we released the Drunk In Love 4-pack, featuring four brand new seasonals that are sold together. An easy drinking stout that's spiced with the classic "pumpkin pie" spices.

Pale Ale

Ale’s Fair In Love & Marriage

5% alc./vol. — 20 ibu

In honour of our brewmaster tying the knot we released the Drunk In Love 4-pack, featuring four brand new seasonals that are sold together. Ale's Fair In Love & Marriage, has a malty profile and just enough lightly floral hops for balancing. Overall this is an elegant and great session beer

Oatmeal Stout

Second Breakfast

5.2% alc./vol. — 30 ibu

A very dark, sweet, full-bodied, and slightly roasty Oatmeal Stout. So calm down, finish your cap'n crunch, and head over for breakfast: part 2.

Bohemian Pilsner

The Last Of The Warm Bohemians

5% alc./vol. — 40 ibu

This smooth, crisp pilsner has a rich gold colour, prevalent hops and a clean malty finish. And despite its name, we recommend you enjoy it chilled (Although our recommendations are generally not recommended).

American Wheat Beer

Sexy Uncle

5% alc./vol. — 46 ibu

American Wheat. Sexy.

Rosemary Gose

You Are Lazy, Susan

4% alc./vol. — 8 ibu

'You Are Lazy, Susan' is a light and refreshing style of wheat beer known as a Rosemary Gose. Bright flavours, mildly sour and salty, with an added hint of lemon and rosemary. Available on tap, in bombers, and in growlers.

California Common


5% alc./vol. — 40 ibu

This pleasant 5% California Common (or Steam Beer) is moderately hopped, mildly fruity, and has a light malt character. It's unique and well-balanced, with notes of brown sugar, toasted biscuits, nuts and bread preceding a leafy, grassy hop finish. In terms of Kevin Costner's body of work think more Dances with Wolves and less Waterworld.

Piwo Grodziskie

Chester’s Revenge

3% alc./vol. — 20 ibu

A very light, Polish style, smoked wheat beer. Uses oak smoked wheat malt and Saaz hops.


One Tax Break Short Of A Great Name

8.5% alc./vol. — 25 ibu

This beer is a magical coffee/beer love child. It's a stout fortified with chocolate, oatmeal and passion.

American Barleywine

Democratically Challenged

10% alc./vol. — 75 ibu

A well-hopped American interpretation of the richest and strongest of the English ales. Deep copper in color, with strong, intense caramel and toffee malt flavor, noticeable bitterness and strong west coast pine/citrus hop aromas.

Cream Ale

Troll Toll

5% alc./vol. — 18 ibu

Disclaimer: This beer will not actually satisfy the Troll. Attempt to offer it and you and/or your goat will likely be mercilessly mauled to death. Best paired with tacos.


Wheat Didn’t Start the Fire

5% alc./vol. — 10 ibu

Pale/straw in color with high cloudiness. Classic Hefeweizen style, with strong banana and clove balanced by bready/sweet characteristics, and high carbonation. Immensely refreshing and easy drinking.

Finnish Sahti

Anne of Gruit Gables

8.5% alc./vol. — 0 ibu

Brewed to mimic a traditional Finnish Sahti. Copper red and very cloudy in appearance. Moderate malt flavors with caramel, dark dried fruit, toffee, and spicy rye notes. Dry finish. Hints of fresh juniper throughout, with a very strong "banana" yeast character.

Cranberry Hefeweizen


5% alc./vol. — 10 ibu

Bright pink in color with high cloudiness. Flavor is that of a typical German Hefeweizen with a slight tartness and cranberry flavor. Low hop aromas/bitterness. Light in body with high carbonation.

Winter Warmer

Manger Danger

6.5% alc./vol. — 60 ibu

Warm spiciness and tradition grace this bold winter ale. Intriguing, layered flavours unfold to reveal chicory, dried fruit and toffee notes with a hoppy kick to finish. The deep garnet colour pairs perfectly with holiday celebrations. Its name comes from the failed assassination attempt by wiseman #2 on December 25, year 0. (Turns out he had a 9mm hidden in his myrrh.)

grandad's slipper label
Düsseldorf Altbier

Grandad’s Slipper

4.8% alc./vol. — 40 ibu

Our newest seasonal is a well balanced, extremely smooth, amber-colored Düsseldorf Altbier called Grandad's Slipper. A perfect early winter beer for those of us with an old soul just like Grandad. So put down your prune juice, turn off the Matlock reruns, and stop doing your mega-large font crossword immediately. Instead, get in your car and head straight to Refined Fool at 23km/h with your left blinker on the whole way. See you soon(ish)!

Churchwarden label
Smoked Porter

The Churchwarden

5.1% alc./vol. — 25 ibu

Introducing our first smoked porter, The Churchwarden. This impressive dark porter is made with cherrywood smoked malt creating a taste and aroma that would make Smokey the Bear go on a murderous rampage if you drank it near a forested area. (We don't recommend trying this. Why do you think he carries a shovel?...) SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Just enjoy the damn beer.

Refined Ghoul label
Pumpkin Amber Ale

Refined Ghoul

5.1% alc./vol. — 15 ibu

Peter, Peter, pumpkin drinker / Had a beer but couldn't keep her / He put it in a pumpkin shell / And there he kept it very well... for about 4 seconds. My god, Peter, show some restraint! Introducing our pumpkin amber ale made with real pumpkin along with spiced cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. It'll be the best trick or treat stop you make this season, guaranteed.

she's german label

She’s German

4.6% alc./vol. — 20 ibu

This buxom maiden has a potent malt flavour which is deftly countered by a subtle, hoppy hint of grassy hay on the back end. Weighing in at a sprightly 4.6%, She's German is a sublimely sessionable Oktoberfest lager. So throw on those Levis and head to Refined Fool, cause she's waiting for you... (Don't worry ladies, 'he' is probably here too.)

The Swill label
Summit Hop APA

The Swill

5.8% alc./vol. — 35 ibu

Its origins date back to Vikings crossing the ocean with wooden casks, curing the common cold, chafing, and venereal disease upon arrival. Years later it would be passed on at school dances, purchased by older siblings and sketchy friends of friends. Now its your turn to make history. This beer promises not to alarm any taste buds but will quench thirst and improve quality of life if administered at the proper temp. Results may vary.

of course... but maybe label
Imperial Porter

Of Course… But Maybe

8% alc./vol. — 37 ibu

Say hello to our new porter. It will warm your eyes with its deep, dark colour. It will warm your head with an 8% abv. And it will warm your soul with an array of boisterous flavours. Of course, I won't go try it right now, my wife is in labour!! But maybeeeeee...

Belgian Quad

Strike Four

10% alc./vol. — 28 ibu

Turn off that Jean Quad Van Damme movie marathon, there is a much better Belgian Quad that needs your attention. Strike Four is our newest seasonal brew, and at 10% abv, it too has quite a kick. (Best enjoyed while performing the splits.)

Strawberry Wheat Ale

Hipster Doofus

5% alc./vol. — 19 ibu

Strawberries and wheat are a great combination. Don't believe us? Welp, you better come try our new seasonal, Hipster Doofus. Wear some skinny jeans and a scarf, because the hipster in you is sure to emerge.

the guvna label
English Bitter

The Guvna

3.5% alc./vol. — 35 ibu

Ripe with flavour and belligerently low in ABV, The Guvna is an exceptional example of what it means to be an English Bitter. You'd bitter get here soon as supply is limited!

American Wheat

Centennial’s Fence

5.5% alc./vol. — 25 ibu

Back by popular demand, and because its namesake isn't going anywhere. Centennial's Fence is a wheat ale that has no boundaries... unless you put a fence around it of course.

Short Pier, Long Walk label
Double IPA

Short Pier, Long Walk

8.4% alc./vol. — 100+ ibu

Time to get philosophical. Ever imagine coming to the end of a pier and wishing it just kept going? This is the same existential worm hole you will fall down when drinking this Double IPA. So go on, take one step further, one more sip. Allow the calm and clean tasting malt backbone to give way to a maelstrom of hops (Simcoe, Centennial, Columbus) that are rich, earthy and devastatingly tasty.

Antique Peepshow label

Antique Peepshow

6.1% alc./vol. — 70 ibu

Have you ever peered into the window of an antique store and noticed an item that you had to possess? Well this beer is just that. This IPA is high on hop bitterness, with a surprising and delicate mild caramel backbone. Slightly sweeter than it it’s contemporaries, it’s an IPA that marches to the beat of it’s own drum. So stop peeping and drink it, because you’re creeping everybody out.

Ripsnorter label
Vanilla Porter


8.7% alc./vol. — 37 ibu

The Ripsnorter is a truly complex beast. It’s packed with flavour, including hints of roasted malts, caramel, coffee, dried fruit, and chocolate. Well balanced vanilla, bourbon, and oak from the addition of fresh vanilla beans and bourbon barrel oak staves round out the intense flavour. Rich, full bodied and dark. This is a bruiser of a Porter.

Noble Oaf label
Rye Saison

Noble Oaf

7% alc./vol. — 25 ibu

Whatever it is that goes on in Belgian farmhouses... it’s fruity and it’s spicy (something to do with esters and yeast). Some say the Oaf is citrusy and peppery, others cry slight tart sourness. We say its mild malt characteristics with moderate bitterness produce a very dry and noble finish.