Brass Camel & Bad Men Association

Fri, Apr 19, 2024
8:00 pm
at The Fool (London Rd)

Doors 8pm - Show starts at 8:30pm
$20 at the door

Brass Camel is a unique Vancouver-based rock group who recently released their debut album, mixed by multiple Juno-winner Ben Kaplan. Made up of five experienced young musicians, their collective accomplishments include performing at New York's Apollo Theater, jamming with guitar icon Les Paul, racking up countless studio sessions and covering hundreds of thousands of miles on the road before coming together. Brass Camel's singular sound mashes together the diverse influences of prog, funk, blues rock and fusion then ties them together with the kind of neat bow only attained by five musicians who are gunning for glory on the same frequency. The band's musicianship, songwriter and work ethic have led to endorsements from such companies as Sabian, Rotosound UK and Los Cabos. After a string of consecutive sell-out shows in Vancouver, the Camel embarked on their first national tour of Canada, a successful 13,500km undertaking which sets the stage for the band to tour extensively in the months and years to come.

Emerging onto the scene in 2020 as a byproduct of government lockdown procedures, Bad Men Association took advantage of their spare time to forge their initial EP release, “BMA”. The release saw them make an immediate impact in their local scene, going from house parties to playing festivals in their hometown. After a substantial amount of gigging, BMA was back at it again with the release of their second EP , “Lights on Nobody’s Home” that continued to fuel the flame burning brightly for the band. Their sights are set on hitting the big stage this summer, bringing their unrelenting energy and stage presence to every single live performance.

Bringing a mix of high energy progressive rock and ambient psychedelic movements, The Dreamland Band are a musical force for any music lover to experience. Led by guitarist Daniel Walton, Dreamland serves as the ultimate self expression musical playground with improvisation and exploration at the heart of it all. Returning fans know each performance is a unique musical experience, and a love letter to the prog rock and fusion giants of yesteryear. If you know, you know - if you don’t, come find out. Tell your friends prog rock is back!