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  • Can we have the whole place to ourselves?

    Unfortunately we do not close our taprooms off from the public for non-Refined Fool events.

  • Can we bring in our own food?

    You are welcome to bring in any food or have it delivered to our Davis St. taproom. Our London Rd. does not allow outside food to be brought in.

  • Can I pre-order food at London Rd?

    We’d prefer it! Please contact [email protected] to setup your order.

  • Can I bring my own dessert?

    Celebration cakes or pies are allowed at both of our taproom locations.

  • Can I bring my pets?

    Service pets only.

  • Will you stay open later for us?

    We cannot serve alcohol after 2am, but we can stay open that late. Please make note in your reservation if you want to request us staying open past our hours.

  • Can we play our own music or use a microphone?

    We have a pretty strict set of music and playlists in our taprooms and we don’t allow private groups to take over the sound for the whole room.

  • Are children allowed?

    Yes! We have some booster seats available as well.

  • Group discounts?

    We cannot discount alcohol.

  • What non-alcoholic beverages are available?

    Burger Rebellion handles all non-alcoholic beverages and has a selection of Coke products.

  • What alcoholic non-beer is available?

    Wine, Scotch, Beer Cocktails and Cider

  • Can we decorate?

    You can bring in small decorations to decorate your specific area but need to be put up and taken down within the timeframe of your reservation.