Average athletes, rejoice!

Curated and crafted for an active summer, our Beer League variety pack features a mix of six refreshing and flavourful hot weather tallboys.

Hi πŸ‘‹ we're Refined Fool.

A brewery and music venue in Sarnia, Ontario. You can get our beer in the LCBO, here on the website, or in one of our bars (the funnest option).

Our watering holes.

You're bound to like one of them.

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Your brew was not a fav at our gathering on Sunday. Must be an acquired taste.


I like what i like for beer. I dont want a beer that tastes like flowers or f#ckin orange peels!!. I dont like popourie*


Heard it was a good bar but they don’t even have Bud Light. Don’t waste your time.


I got a parking ticket.


I make better beer from a Coopers kit in my Bathtub.


God isn’t gonna help you on the taste of your beer. Try to find out what chemicals Labatts Blue puts into theirs. You gotta get that right chemical taste.