We make craft beer in Sarnia, Ontario.

Refined Fool is a group of teachers, creatives, blue collars, entrepreneurs, musicians and pastors who care about beer, business, Sarnia, and each other. We started out as a foolish bunch of backyard brewers using propane burners and frozen hoses and now we’re a real life microbrewery.

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Brewery facade


Patio hours:
Sun-Thu 11-9
Fri-Sat 11-11

Where it all began. Our OG production space, taproom, bottle shop, and concert venue. Now featuring food from March Hare.

137 Davis St.
Sarnia, ON
Mural and tables


Patio hours:
Sun-Thu 11-9
Fri-Sat 11-11

Our second location with a larger production space, taproom, bottle shop, and restaurant with food from Sarnia's Burger Rebellion.

1326 London Rd.
Sarnia, ON

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Belgian Tripel

Simlated Rumbies

8.5% alc./vol. — 28 ibu

Our first ever Collaboration brew! The Block3 bois came down to Sarnia for the day and expunged their knowledge of Belgian style beers onto us. Kveik yeast was utilized to capture the complexity Tripels are known for. This beer has a deep golden colour, soft maltiness and intriguing yeast stamp. Spice additions of Grains of Paradise and Coriander balance out the 8.5% alcohol heat with some nice sweetness.

Hazelnut Brown in Bourbon barrels

Shirtless in the Mufflerman Waiting Room

8.2% alc./vol. — 40 ibu

This 8.2% Imperial Brown Ale stands up well to the intense flavour picked up from aging in freshly dumped Bourbon Barrels. A heavy mix of caramel malts in the grain bill pairs well with the vanilla and burnt caramel notes the beer picked up from the barrels. Hazelnut and Almond extract were dosed during fermentation, which gives this beer a smooth and nutty aftertaste.

American Brett

The Velvet Toad (Billiard Champion 1981)

4.7 % alc./vol. — 11 ibu

This easy drinking ale was fermented on Brettanomyces for over a month, creating a slight hint of sourness and a good dose of funk. Pineapple notes are also present, just the way the Toad liked.

Barrel Aged Belgian Blonde

Shirtless in the Back Pew

7.4% alc./vol. — 17 ibu

This bright and fruity golden beauty features subtle spicy notes and a dry finish. It was aged for 8 months in Cabernet Sauvignon and Baco Noir oak barrels from Dark Horse Winery and then blended.

Brut IPA

Zane Lost His Avocado Bag

7.6% alc./vol. — 25 ibu

We've dubbed this champagne-like IPA the official beer of search and rescue missions for inanimate objects (such as rocks, toasters, and avocado bags.)

Honey Pale Ale

Bee r

4.7% alc./vol. — 20 ibu

An extremely bright and approachable pale ale infused with a hearty dose of local honey. Tastes especially good before, during, and after Sting games, Sting concerts, and bee stings.

Cream Ale

Cherry Troll

5% alc./vol. — 18 ibu

A cherry infused variant of our popular Cream Ale.

Berliner Weisse


4.7% alc./vol. — 8.7 ibu

This fruity, dry, and refreshingly tart ale is a liquid ode to summers spent at our beloved local park. It also answers the age old question: “What does Canatara Park taste like?” The answer, luckily, is not sand, bark, or goose turds. To everyone’s surprise, it’s actually passion fruit.

Russian Imperial Stout

Shirtless at the Kremlin

11.2% alc./vol. — 90 ibu

This Russian Imperial Stout is our very first barrel aged beer. It was aged in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels for 4 months and is packaged in limited edition ceramic 750mL bombers. You’ll enjoy roasted coffee notes blending with sweetness from the malt, all while effortlessly pleasing the palate with a boozy warmth. When you drink this beer you will feel like you are shirtless on a horse, galloping around Moscow.

American Amber

Suburban Menace

5.7% alc./vol. — 38 ibu

This sneaky little bastard is red in colour and has a body balanced slightly more towards malt than hops. Featuring caramel and toffee flavours alongside hints of blueberry and bubble gum, it’s a guaranteed slingshot to your mouth.



4.5% alc./vol. — 30 ibu

A dark, roasty, lightly-hopped German brew that could best be described as a lager's and stout's love child. If you're into weird descriptions like that.

Grapefruit IPA

Illiterate Librarians

6.1% alc./vol. — 70 ibu

Trying to find a copy of Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code' with the 'help' of an illiterate librarian is a gosh darn nightmare. We recommend you order it on online and have it sent directly to the brewery. We will have a refreshing pint of grapefruit infused IPA waiting for you and we can put this whole debacle behind you.

Australian IPA

Pouch Envy

5% alc./vol. — 30 ibu

The wonderfully aromatic Australian Galaxy hop takes centre stage in this citrusy, sessionable single-hop IPA.

Black IPA

Murder of Crows

7.6% alc./vol. — 90 ibu

Make a beer with tons of hops and extra dark roasted malts, you say? Sure, why not?! Meet the Murder of Crows, a Black IPA that will knock you into the darkest midnight.

Joe Sent Me label
Milk Stout

Joe Sent Me

5.2% alc./vol. — 27 ibu

Who knew that humble dark roasted grains would lead to flavours of coffee and chocolate, and aromas of caramel and roasted malt? It’s so darn creamy and smooth, with a surprising sweet finish. So come to the brewery and whisper "Joe Sent Me" to the bartender...it won't be weird at all.

Brouhaha label
Nut Brown

The Brouhaha

5.7% alc./vol. — 23 ibu

A good ole fashioned fisticuffs broke out between malt sweetness and mild earthy hops, resulting in a remarkably well balanced Brown Ale. It’s not too sweet and and not too bitter. Just a scrappy down to earth ale with a medium dry-finish. When the dust settles you will be left slacked jawed, stunned, and wanting more.

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