Obsessed with fresh.

This is telescoping.

If you are ever perusing the LCBO shelves and see someone performing this ritual, you are in the presence of a veteran beer purchaser.

Simply put, those date codes on the bottom of each can are important—beer is meant to be consumed fresh, and the longer it sits the further it gets from its intended taste.

This is especially true for IPA's. Hops degrade over time, creating unwanted malty/caramel flavours that dominate the beer. We brew mostly IPA's and have become obsessed with making sure the freshest, best version makes it into your hands.

How we keep it fresh.

Small Batches

Our small brew system (10bbl) means we brew on demand and send beers out the door right after packaging—beers rarely sit in the warehouse for longer than a week.

Aggressive Inventory Management

We track where every beer ends up and pull them from shelves if any sneak past our preferred best before date. (IPA's are best consumed within a month and after 3 months start to show negative signs of aging).

Sleepless Nights

Our entire team is fully committed to providing the freshest, most consistent beers possible. We lose sleep regularly over the mere thought of disappointing someone.

Thirsty yet?

Order some fresh beer.
Ripsnorter - Vanilla Bourbon Porter - Refined Fool Brewing Co.
Vanilla Bourbon Porter
AI - Light & Juicy IPA - Refined Fool Brewing Co.
Light & Juicy IPA
Tiny Batch
Nothing to See Here - East Coast IPA with Cryopop - Refined Fool Brewing Co.
Nothing to See Here
East Coast IPA with Cryopop
IPA Fun Box (7th Edition) - Refined Fool Brewing Co.
IPA Fun Box (7th Edition)
Six Foolishly Good IPA's