The Sitcom

Pop some corn, crack a beer, and enjoy the show.

Season 1

Refined Fool: The Sitcom

Rare footage from the intro of a sitcom based in Sarnia. This was filmed in the late 80's, but sadly the pilot never made it to air. Rumour is the cast blew the entire season's budget on high end VCR's, velvet-encased chaise lounges, and a pet tiger named Horace.

S01E01 - Chalice

This week's episode answers the age old question—will people think less of me for drinking a beer out of non-standard glassware? The answer may surprise you. (It's yes)

S01E02 - 100th Brew

We just released our 100th different beer, and the celebration got a bit out of hand. Be advised, the intensity of this video can cause night terrors.

S01E03 - Pigeon

A bird got into the taproom today.

S01E04 - Monarchs

Our most controversial episode yet. Warning: may be offensive to dads, seniors, and comfort seekers.

S01E06 - Forlorn Santa

A riveting look into the life of Sarnia's 14th best mall Santa.

S01E07 - Dance Party

If this interpretive dance routine doesn't make you want to blow your retirement savings on our merch, then we give up.

S01 Holiday Special - Forlorn Santa Irons His Sack

We aren't sure what this has to do with the brewery, but we're showing you anyway.

S01E08 - Half Birthdays

We've had some customers stop in to celebrate their half-birthday lately, and our staff have been unsure how to react to this fake milestone. We made this instructional video to show the proper response.

Season 2

S02E01 - Dutch Grandma

Up and coming beer reviewer Dutch Grandma stopped in to try some of our products. She was brutally honest and fairly confusing, but we are a better brewery as a result.

S02E02 - Dutch Grandma Returns

Seasoned beer reviewer Dutch Grandma returned to our taproom this week to sample more beers. Our translations are still a bit foggy, but we feel like this is an improvement overall.

S01E03 - Dutch Grandma's Last Visit

Apparently it is a sign of great respect if someone from the Netherlands performs the splits in your presence. At least that's the way we choose to interpret it.

S02E05 - Jingle Storm

There comes a time when every company needs a good jingle, so we sat down to get it accomplished. 17 hours, 53 coffees, and a bunch of darts later, we hit solid gold.

S02E06 - Brexit Lessons

We are confused and rattled about what is going on in Britain, so we brought in Carl, a wily Englishman, to set us straight.

S02E07 - Racecar

We are excited to announce that Refined Fool is the title sponsor of Jaden Chapman and his Redline Racing team, which races weekly at Delaware Speedway. Maybe a little too excited.

S02E08 - Pink Slips

After a couple rained out weeks at Delaware Speedway, our Chapman's Redline Racing team will finally hit the track this Friday. We set up a street race for pink slips behind the brewery to help shake the rust off.

S02E09 - Belt Fight

People often ask us 'What happens in the taproom after hours?'. Without pause, we say 'Belt Fights'. And then they say 'No, seriously'. We lock eyes with them, grasp them gently by the shoulders, look deep into their soul and say 'Belt Fights'.

S02E10 - Dogman

50% man, 50% dog. 100% questionable use of time/money on a filming session.

S02E11 - The Chase

In keeping with sacred Sarnia tradition, we don't allow the following in our establishments: 1) Bears. 2) Wet willys. Break these rules at your own risk.

S02E12 - The Detail Guy

Congratulations to Jaden Chapman and his Chapman's Redline Racing team for doing us proud at Canadian Short Track Nationals this past weekend. Casey 'Two-Shammy' Jones, our whimiscal detailing specialist, made sure the car glistened for all 250 laps.

S02E13 - Chipmunk

Now that the election is over its time to settle down, enjoy a beer, and turn our attention back to things that really matter. Like white squirrel sightings. And human/chipmunk hybrid sightings.

S02E14 - Zoomies

Complimentary Zoomies are now on every table to make ordering even easier. We like to think it's the little things that set us apart.

S02E15 - 'Cologne-atara'

Canatara! Berliner Weisse is now available at the LCBO in 473mL cans. To celebrate, we hired a B-list Italian director to film a vibrant, high energy short for us to help showcase this beer and the park it was named after. By the time we realized his specialty was cologne commericals, it was too late.