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Oyster Stout
6% ABV
35 IBU
650 mL
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Oyster stout? Yes. With actual oysters? Yes. We added 150 of those bad boys to this 300 litre brew. Don't worry, there's no fishy flavours, just a unique briny backbone that complements the chocolate and roasted malt base perfectly.

This style has roots going all the way back to Victorian England when many pub-goers pounded back oysters on the half shell while sipping their favourite beers.

And we are sure you have already picked up on the name connection as it's no secret that all five members of N'Sync were originally oyster farmers, singing and dancing in sequence on their ship while hauling in netfuls of mollusks.

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From our Tiny Batch Series

Brewed on our 3 barrel pilot system, each batch will yield around 300 litres, which means they will only be around for a tiny amount of time. No pressure...

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