Tiny Batch Series


3.7% ABV
15 IBU
650 mL
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The 4th release from our 300 litre Tiny Batch Series is Furniture, a 3.7% Grisette (aka Table Beer). This perfect mealtime sipper was brewed with a traditional Belgian yeast strain and szechuan peppercorns, creating a fruity, slightly spicy, very crushable ale.

Light enough to have a couple but flavourful enough to pair with a robust dish.

Best consumed on or near the following:

  • a chaise lounge
  • a floral themed ottoman
  • an L, I, or R shaped couch
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From our Tiny Batch Series

Brewed on our 3 barrel pilot system, each batch will yield around 300 litres, which means they will only be around for a tiny amount of time. No pressure...

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