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IPA Fun Box (2nd Edition)

Six Foolishly Good IPA's

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These sold out fast! If you didn't get here in time for the sale, but you still would like some delicious IPA's, try our newly released IPA Fun Box - 3rd Edition

Bad News: Half of a pallet of our IPA Fun Box (2nd Edition) was just found hiding in the far reaches of our walk in cooler. These beers were packaged August 20th, which puts them slightly over 2 months old. We are obsessed with freshness, and these are approaching the border of our extremely picky freshness standards.

Good News: These remaining boxes are now heavily discounted at $12.95, and the race against the clock has begun. Much like a young Marty McFly, we can already see our hand starting to disappear... please help.

The beers:

  1. Van Full of Weirdos - 6.2% Juicy IPA
  2. Leather & Lasers - 6% Sour IPA
  3. That's When Bernice Flipped the Canasta Table - 8.2% East Coast DIPA
  4. Zane Lost His Avocado Bag - 7.6% Brut IPA
  5. Science -  3.7% Light IPA
  6. We Danced for the Pizza Guy - 6% Pineapple IPA
6×473 mL

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Beer is meant to be consumed fresh and the longer it sits, the further it gets from its intended taste.

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