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IPA Fun Box (4th Edition)

Six Foolishly Good IPA's


The 4th edition of our IPA Fun Box is here! Six magical IPA's, all tucked shoulder to shoulder in a convenient, ergonomically sound, little package.

πŸ›΅ Single Friend β€” 7% Cold IPA: An innovative beer unbound by the rules of regular IPA’s. Crisper, cleaner, and curiously crushable, this cold-filtered and lagered stag rides alone.

🦈 Party Sharks β€” 6.5% Foggy IPA: Ultra hazy, silky smooth, fruit-forward. A tropical hop experience intended for parties of all shapes and sizes.

🐈 CatstronautΒ β€” 4.5% Session Hazy IPA: An easy-drinking golden-hazed beauty. Dominated by citrus and tropical notes, it’s smooth-bodied and well balanced.

πŸ“š Illiterate Librarians β€” 5.6% Grapefruit IPA: An American style IPA featuring five different hop varieties and packed with heaps of real grapefruit.

🚐 Van Full Of Weirdos β€” 6.2% Juicy IPA: A Simcoe-heavy IPA packed with bright tropical aromas and brilliant peach and citrus flavours.

πŸ₯‘ Zane Lost His Avocado Bag β€” 7.6% Brut IPA: Light body, high carbonation, low hop bitterness, and a dry finish makes this champagne-like IPA is a pure delight.

    6Γ—473 mL

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