Summer Beer League

Good Beers for Average Athletes


Average athletes rejoice!

Curated and crafted for an active summer, our Summer Beer League variety pack features a mix of six refreshing and flavourful hot weather tallboys.

Included in the box:

⚾️ Physical Inactivity — 5% Pale Ale
🎳 Mediocre Bowler and Friend — 6.8% Hazy IPA
🥏 Throwing Things — 5% Kolsch
🚴‍♂️ We Must Wear Spandex! — 5% Blonde Ale
🏓 I Guess I'll Play This Sport Now — 4.7% Passionfruit Tart Ale
⛳️ Riding Around in Tiny Cars With My Friends — 4% Light Lager

6×473 mL

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Beer is meant to be consumed fresh and the longer it sits, the further it gets from its intended taste.

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