Tiny Batch Series

The Ugliest Parent

Hibiscus & Rosehip Blonde Ale
7.5% ABV
25 IBU
473 mL
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This easy-drinking Blonde Ale is infused with tangy and tart rosehips and lemony-tart, berry-rich hibiscus. Soft malty-sweet flavours with gentle notes of honey and biscuit are present, along with mild earthy and herbal hop aroma. Floral overtones are enhanced with the addition of rosehips, leaving an intriguing nuttiness from the seeds. It has a well-balanced and clean finish with beautiful pinkish hues and, at 7.5%, you'll have no trouble telling your significant other who the ugly one is.

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From our Tiny Batch Series

Brewed on our 3 barrel pilot system, each batch will yield around 300 litres, which means they will only be around for a tiny amount of time. No pressure...

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