Tiny Batch Series

We Had a Huge Lead Until Todd Dropped the Baton

Electrolyte Lager
5% ABV
30 IBU
650 mL
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We've brewed an athlete's dream—a beer that tastes like it's hydrating* you.

Brewed with an exorbitant amount of thirst quenching Glacier Freeze powder, this clean, crushable lager is ready for the sidelines.

*This beer does not actually hydrate you in any way, and if anything it is dehydrating you severely. But you will be able to jump higher after drinking it.**

**No you won't.

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From our Tiny Batch Series

Brewed on our 3 barrel pilot system, each batch will yield around 300 litres, which means they will only be around for a tiny amount of time. No pressure...

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