Tiny Batch Series

Yacht Beer

Hazy IPA
7.5% ABV
20 IBU
650 mL
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Yacht Beer is a double dry-hopped, charmingly hazy East Coast IPA. It's generously hopped with Sultana, El Dorado and Idaho 7 Cryo (classic yacht hops btw), leading to a rogue wave of tropical, citrus, and pine aromas and flavours. It goes down far too smooth for its 7.5% abv and is not recommended if you are on iceberg lookout duty.

Best enjoyed on the starboard side of a super yacht. If you somehow don't have access to a super yacht, the port side of an inflatable swan is a suitable replacement.

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From our Tiny Batch Series

Brewed on our 3 barrel pilot system, each batch will yield around 300 litres, which means they will only be around for a tiny amount of time. No pressure...

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